Costa Rica

IN TERMS OF LAND MASS, Costa Rica is a very small country. Smaller than the state of West Virginia, Costa Rica’s healthy democracy has held free and open elections since 1889. This stability is clearly evident in the positive relationships the country enjoys with its neighbors and many other countries around the world.

Land ownership rules are very similar to those experienced by those in the United States, which provides visitors who choose to invest in property ownership to enjoy tremendously safe and secure investments in one of the most ethnically rich, beautiful countries anywhere in the world.

Committed to the health and well-being of their citizens, Costa Rica’s government places a heavy emphasis in providing adequate financial resources to ensure that the health care system will allow citizens to continue enjoying one of the longest life expectancies in the industrialized world. There are just a few blue zones in the world, regions where people can expect to live extraordinarily long, rich, and active lives; one of these is located in Costa Rica.

Boasting state of the art health care delivery systems,

Costa Rica consistently ranks above that of the United States in health care quality and overall health, according to data compiled by the World Health Organization.

La Joya Perfecta’s picture-perfect climate is comfortable year-round, with daytime temperatures averaging between 80 and 90 degrees, and dipping only to 60 or 70 degrees at night. The dry season runs between December and April and the wet season from May through November.

Because of the wealth of environmental, social, and political benefits in Costa Rica, tourism and development are both driving economic activity. Committed to environmentally-conscious development, the Costa Rican government has overseen the development of Costa Rica into one of the most-desired places in which to live in Central America.

Property values began to increase in 1995 with the development of an international airport near Liberia. Since that time, property values have increased by approximately 3000%near the airport and as much as 2000% in some other areas.