Fitnesss and Exercise

AT LA JOYA PERFECTA, we help you to reach your optimal level of physical fitness by giving you ample opportunities to participate in physical activities that will help you to reach the fitness goals as determined by you and your chief wellness officer.

Instead of simply giving you access to a gym and an exercise instruction sheet, La Joya Perfecta goes the extra mile in ensuring that your fitness and exercise regimen is a truly spectacular, life-changing series of activities designed to motivate you to make permanent changes.

While it is possible to improve your physical condition in a gym, we believe that utilizing Costa Rica’s natural beauty will give you enhanced results. Depending upon your individual health profile and activity level, we encourage you to engage Costa Rica’s stunning outdoor scenery into life-giving exercise opportunities. You can choose from activities as diverse as deep sea fishing, golf,

white water rafting, canyoning, kayaking, doing yoga in front of waterfalls – and more!

The fitness regimen begins with your very own personal trainer who will constantly push your physical endurance to new highs by motivating you to reach your goals one milestone at a time. Instead of allowing you to bask in the glory of the moment, with each successive physical achievement you make, he or she will help you to strive for your next goal until you have reached your maximum plateau of possibility.

In the event that you don’t progress as quickly as you hope, don’t despair. Your personal trainer

will modify your goals so that you are able to stay motivated and still reach achievable goals. Along the way, diagnostic testing utilizing the most current medical equipment will assess your body fat levels and measure your flexibility.

Your physical program will be as flexible as you are, so you can take it with you anywhere in the world you choose to go. Regardless of whether business beckons you to a different region of the world or you opt to visit another exotic region, you won’t have to discontinue your new-found focus on health and well-being. Then when you return to La Joya Perfecta, you can pick up where you left off without missing a beat.