While La Joya Perfecta does NOT offer any invasive medical treatments, the experienced MD’s and RN’s on staff are trained to offer high quality after care for medical tourists. Because of the world-class medical facilities available in Costa Rica, it has become a Mecca of medical tourism – a destination that boasts cost savings of 50%-90% off of comparable procedures performed elsewhere in the industrialized world.

La Joya Perfecta’s close proximity to some of the best practitioners of cosmetic medicine makes it an ideal destination for making the physical changes that can help provide the motivation to make the other lifestyle and physical changes that can more directly impact long-term vitality and longevity.

Some of the most common procedures are tummy tucks, female breast augmentation,

and Botox treatments. While some people view cosmetic surgery as exercises in vanity, it is impossible to argue that these procedures can have a positive impact on the lives and emotional well-being of people who seek these affordable treatments.

La Joya Perfecta’s Wellness Center will enable anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to make the physical changes they desire and recover from their surgery in one of the world’s most beautiful regions. The lush environment is not only candy for the eye, but the peaceful environment of La Joya Perfecta may actually enable you to recover more quickly. In the event that you need follow-up care after your cosmetic procedure – or in those rare situations when complications develop – world-class medical care is available at nearby Hospital de Osa.