Costa Rica Tour

Corcovado National Park
For people who have a passion for wildlife, Costa Rica can be an ideal location. The Corcovado National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica. People from the whole world travel to this country to enjoy the beauty of its rain forest. Corcovado has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America. 13 different types of vegetation are found here. The most prominent are swamps, palms, blood weeds and mangroves. Botanists from various global destinations also travel to this exquisite national park. Different types of Costa Rica tour packages are available for tourists to visit this country

Monteverde, in the northwest region of Costa Rica, is a small community. Monteverde was founded by Quakers in 1951,. Monteverde is not only visited by the foreign tourists; it arouses equal enthusiasm among the locals as well. Costaricans often come to this place to refresh their minds. There are also some other tourist destinations around Monteverde. The Santa Elena forest reserve is one of them. Other tourist attractions include, the butterfly garden, serpentarium, cheese factory and art galleries. In a good Costa Rica tour deal, all these tourist destinations can be visited at affordable prices.

Caño Island and Biological Reserve
Among many beautiful islands in Costa Rica, Caño Island is a popular tourist destination. It is located towards the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Caño is a virgin island. The island is also Biological Reserve.

Its beauty attracts tourists from different countries of the world. For adventure sports, it has emerged as one of the hottest tourist destinations. If you opt for a Costa Rica Adventure tour, a trip to this island is a must. Diving is one of the popular adventure sports near this island. Caño Island is an integral part of any Costa Rican adventure tour.

Beaches of Costa Rica
The beaches of Costa Rica are the major tourist destinations. If you like to swim and relax on the beach, it’s a popular option. The beaches are also ideal destinations for Costa Rica budget tours. Golfito is a popular tourist destination.

The lodges, guest houses, and hotels located in the surrounding areas offer affordable accommodation. In Costa Rica budget tours, affordable accommodations are facilitated by tour operators. Star-rated hotels are also available for the tourists who don’t mind spending some extra bucks for luxury and comfort.

The Osa Peninsula is the richest biological zone in Mesoamerica. Tourists can also visit this peninsula during their trip to Costa Rica. The tropical river Pacuare, and Tortuguero National Park are also some popular nearby tourist destinations.

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