A KEY  COMPONET to an effective eating plan is educating yourself on the optimal diet for your physical condition, your lifestyle, and your goals. In some cases you may be asked to address a lifetime of bad choices, while in other cases you will simply be reinforcing things you know about your diet, but have overlooked or disregarded.

One of the keys to lasting change is realizing that an effective eating plan consists of eating right (which you will learn in healthy eating classes), ridding your body of some of the built-up toxins that are robbing you of energy and health, and supplementation – which will enhance the other healthy measures that you implement to extend your life and improve your health.

La Joya Perfecta will not try to mold you into our image of the picture-perfect new you.

We understand very clearly that everyone is different – and a successful migration to a better lifestyle and a new state of health requires that we help you to embrace those differences that make you so unique.

Your own personal nutritionist will work closely with your medical doctor to develop an individualized meal plan that will offer you scrumptious meals that will help you to tastefully reach your goals.

Once you’ve achieved your desired state of wellness, you’ll want to keep it – for life. At La Joya Perfecta we make keeping your health the primary focus of your life a simple proposition, because help will be just a mouse click away. If you have questions, concerns, or you feel the need to modify your meal plan, you can follow-up with your nutritionist to make modifications at the speed of life, enabling you to stay in the best shape of your life.