Preventative Medicine

It is impossible to effectively make positive, lasting changes in your life until you have a clear understanding of your overall physical condition, so La Joya Perfecta ensures that you receive a full medical evaluation.

Based upon the results of this evaluation, your chief medical officer will compile a customized health profile that will establish what specific steps should be taken to help you to most effectively and efficiently reach your optimal level of fitness.

Because 80% of the health conditions that affect your health and well-being are related to lifestyle choices, we work closely with you to ensure that you are aware of the risks associated with your lifestyle – and

easy-to-implement changes that can improve your health and your physical condition.

Once a plan of attack has been reached, your chief medical officer will then share the results of your health assessment with other members of your Wellness Improvement Team (WIT) to help you to implement the fitness, nutritional, mental health, and medical goals outlined in your individual wellness plan.